Transport Infrastructure Construction Summit UAE 2024 

22 – 23 October 2024, Abu Dhabi

Building Tomorrow’s Bridges, Roads and Tunnel

UAE has rapidly emerged as a global hub for innovation and development, particularly in the realm of transportation and infrastructure. The country’s strategic vision, exemplified by initiatives such as the Urban Master Plan, aims to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors by creating a smart and sustainable urban environment. With significant investments in public transport, road networks, and sustainable urban planning, UAE sets an exemplary standard for cities worldwide.

The country is home to some of the most advanced transportation projects and innovative solutions like autonomous vehicles, smart traffic management systems, and extensive public transport networks that integrate seamlessly with urban development plans.

Against this backdrop, the Transport Infrastructure Construction Summit 2024 aims to bring together over 200 attendees and 30 speakers, including government officials, contractors, engineers, architects, developers, HSE experts, and MEPs, to share insights and experiences. This event will provide an exceptional platform to discuss the future of transportation and infrastructure, aligning perfectly with our theme, “Building Tomorrow’s Bridges, Roads and Tunnels”.

Event Highlights:

  1. Advanced Construction Techniques: Innovations in sustainable materials and cutting-edge methods for constructing roads, bridges, highways, metro systems, tunnels, and airport infrastructure.
  2. Maintenance and Safety: Proactive strategies for asset monitoring, regular maintenance, and ensuring safety across all transportation infrastructures.
  3. Sustainability in Infrastructure: Integrating eco-friendly practices and renewable energy solutions in infrastructure projects to promote sustainability.
  4. Future of Transportation: Exploring the impact of autonomous vehicles, hyperloop technology, urban mobility solutions, and advancements in metro systems on the future of transport.
  5. Integrated Transport Networks: Enhancing connectivity through multi-modal transportation systems and seamless integration of different transport modes.
  6. Public-Private Partnerships: The role of collaborations between public entities and private companies in driving innovative and large-scale infrastructure projects.

Why Attend?
By attending a transportation infrastructure construction conference, you can leverage the below opportunities to expand your knowledge, network, and impact in the industry:

  • Insight: Stay updated on industry trends and innovations shaping the transportation infrastructure sector.
  • Networking: Connect with industry professionals, policymakers, suppliers, and experts to build relationships, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations.
  • Knowledge: Learn from real-world case studies and successful projects, gaining practical insights enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and enhance your expertise.
  • Opportunity: Discover new products, services, and solutions from exhibitors and vendors that can enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and effectiveness of your projects.
  • Engagement: Engage in discussions on policy frameworks, funding mechanisms, and regulatory initiatives that shape transportation infrastructure development and investment.
  • Inspiration: Draw inspiration from success stories, visionary leaders, and ground breaking projects that demonstrate the transformative power of transportation infrastructure in shaping communities and economies.
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October 22, 2024

Conference Day One


Registration and Refreshments


Welcome Address by Fortinus Events


Opening Remarks from the Chairperson


Opening Speech by Government Official- Shaping the Future of Transportation in the UAE


Opening Keynote: The Role of Innovation in Abu Dhabi’s Transport Infrastructure

  • Latest technological advancements and their applications
  • How innovation is shaping the future of transport in Abu Dhabi
  • Case studies of innovative projects

Case Study: Building the Umm Yifeenah Bridge in Abu Dhabi; supporting local sourcing and environmental preservation

  • Using precast concrete elements and arch-shaped causeways to guarantee water flow and
    minimal impact on the mangrove wetlands
  • 85 per cent of the construction materials were locally sourced, depicting the deep commitment to supporting the local economy
  • Larger network is planned for completion by 2028

Integrating Renewable Energy in Transport Infrastructure

  • Role of renewable energy in reducing carbon footprint
  • Examples of renewable energy projects in Abu Dhabi
  • Future trends and opportunities

Overcoming Technical Challenges in Road Construction and Maintenance

  • Addressing common issues in material durability and longevity
  • Innovative techniques for efficient road maintenance
  • Integrating new technologies for enhanced construction processes

Exhibition Tour and Networking Break


Utilizing Sustainable Materials in Construction Projects

  • Integrating Sustainable Materials into Modern Construction
  • Applications and Examples of Eco-Friendly Construction Materials
  • Advantages and Challenges of Using Sustainable Materials in Construction Projects

Panel Discussion: Integrated Transport Networks: The Importance of Seamless Integration Between Different Modes of Transport for Efficient Urban Mobility

  • Connecting the Dots: Understanding the Importance of Intermodal Connectivity
  • Multi-Modal Solutions: Exploring the Benefits of Integrating Various Transport Modes
  • From Roads to Rails: Leveraging Synergies Between Different Transportation Systems
  • Urban Mobility 2.0: The Future of Seamless Transportation Integration

Omar Al Battaineh, Head of Transport, Ras Al Khaimah Municipality
Mohammad Essam, PhD candidate, AUS – Infrastructural Engineering and Manager at RTA Dubai
Nadeem Shakir, Regional Director – Transport & Mobility Planning, ZUTARI
Simon Cartwright, Transport Planning Practice Lead, Mott MacDonald
Asha Pawar, Transportation Manager, Masdar


Case Study: Etihad Rail Network

  • Importance of the Etihad Rail Network for regional connectivity
  • Current progress and future phases
  • Economic and environmental benefits

Panel Discussion: Navigating Road Safety and Congestion Challenges in Urban UAE

  • Mapping Out Traffic Dynamics: Leveraging Traffic Impact Studies to Ease Congestion
  • Paving the Way for Public Transport: Enhancing Infrastructure to Alleviate Road Congestion
  • Transit Priority: Exploring Public Transport Priority Measures
  • Assessing the Impact of Congestion Charging and Toll Systems like Salik and Darb in the UAE

Hitesh Arora, Transportation Specialist & Mobility Expert, Abu Dhabi Mobility
Islam Mohamad, Infrastructure Section Manager, RAK Municipality


Networking Lunch Break


Integrating ESG into Infrastructure Projects

  • Balancing Progress and Responsibility: The Role of ESG in Infrastructure Development
  • Beyond Construction: Embracing Environmental, Social, and Governance Principles in Project Management
  • Investing in Tomorrow: The Economic and Social Benefits of ESG Integration in Infrastructure
  • From Vision to Reality: Strategies for Implementing ESG Principles in Infrastructure Project

Linear Urban Forests: How autonomous mobility systems can greatly mitigate cities’ carbon footprints

  • Level 5 AVs integration into the urban form
  • Street Adaptation to driverless cars
  • Nature based solution of ecological systems with the autonomous network to yield tonnes of mitigated CO2
  • Pilot city: Springfield MA, with greater impact in the UAE, much lower cost than conventional means, and in line with the ESG goals of 2030

Ali Al Sammarraie, MCP.CDD, BArch, CUD, PMP, LEED AP ND, Geospatial Analysis and Transportation Director, Harvard University


Lighting the Way: Innovative PPP Models for Sustainable Street Lighting in Abu Dhabi

  • Project Overview: Partnership between public and private sectors to enhance street lighting in Abu Dhabi.
  • Key Features: Energy-efficient LED technology and smart lighting systems.
  • Sustainability: Reduced carbon footprint and cost savings through efficient lighting solutions.
  • Future Prospects: Expansion to other areas and continuous innovation in street lighting technology.

Suhail Al Mheiri, Infrastructure Advisor, Al Ain City Municipality


Innovative Approaches to Bridge Repair and Modernization

  • Highlight the integration of advanced materials, monitoring systems, and other innovations enhancing durability, safety, and cost-effectiveness in bridge projects
  • Discuss emerging trends like eco-friendly materials and smart infrastructure, shaping the future of bridge repair and maintenance towards sustainability and resilience

Closing Remarks from the Chairperson


End of Day One

October 23, 2024

Conference Day Two


Welcome Back Remarks from the Chairperson


Challenges and Opportunities in Mega-Project Delivery

  • Highlight the multifaceted challenges in financing, stakeholder management, and operational scale that define mega-projects in transport infrastructure
  • Discuss effective strategies for project management, risk mitigation, and stakeholder engagement crucial for successful mega-project delivery

Security and Safety in Transport Infrastructure

  • Threat Assessment and Mitigation Strategies
  • Case Studies and Best Practices
  • Compliance and Standards

The Role of the Legislature: Economic and Legislative Policies to Catalyze Sustainable Development

  • Economic Policies for Sustainable Growth
  • Legislative Frameworks for ESG Compliance
  • Global and Regional Policy Coordination

Cutting-Edge Techniques in Bridge and Tunnel Maintenance: Regional Case Studies

  • Keeping the Path Clear: Innovative Approaches to Maintaining Critical Transportation Infrastructure
  • Spotlight on UAE: Case Studies of Bridge and Tunnel Maintenance in Al Sidr and Sheikh Zayed Tunnels
  • Beneath the Surface: Lessons Learned from Maintenance Initiatives in UAE’s Key Transportation Links
  • Bridging the Future: How Advanced Techniques Are Ensuring the Longevity of UAE’s Infrastructure

Networking Tea Break


Enhancing Bridge Longevity: The Benefits of Bridge Bearing and Expansion Joints

  • Bearing the Load: Understanding the Importance of Bridge Bearings and Expansion Joints
  • Flexible Foundations: Exploring Various Types and Applications of Bridge Bearings
  • Movement Management: The Significance of Expansion Joints in Bridge Structures
  • Strengthening Infrastructure: How Bearings and Expansion Joints Enhance Bridge Performance

The Future of Transportation Infrastructure – Challenges & Opportunities

  • Mobility must catchup with the Future Trends in Technology and Real Estate development.
  • The high cost of transportation infrastructure that doesn’t respond to Future Trends
  • The Vertical City: A story of challenges and opportunities

Session by:

Dr. Hesham Nour Eldeen, Practice Director-Structures, AECOM


The Role of Autonomous Vehicles in Urban Mobility

  • The Development and Integration of Self-Driving Vehicles
  • Integration of Autonomous Vehicles (AV5) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) into Smart Transportation Systems
  • Opportunities and Challenges of Implementing Autonomous Vehicles in Cities

Panel Discussion: UAE Vision 2030: The Role of Sustainable Design in Future Infrastructure

  • Importance of sustainable design in achieving Vision 2030 goals
  • Key initiatives integrating sustainability into urban planning and infrastructure
  • Focus on energy efficiency, renewable resources, and green building practices
  • Impact of sustainable design on quality of life and environmental resilience

Mohamed El Desouky El Asy, BIM Manager, Dewan Architects & Engineers
Alina Valcarce, Founder & Director of Design, Valcarce Architects


Resilient Infrastructure for Climate Adaptation

  • Strategies for building infrastructure resilient to climate change.
  • Techniques to withstand extreme weather events.
  • Importance of resilience in UAE’s infrastructure.

Advanced Techniques in Tunnel Construction: Advancements and Applications

  • Unveiling Innovation: The Evolution of Tunnel Construction Methods
  • Boring Beyond: Harnessing the Power of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) and Sequential Excavation Method (SEM)
  • Building Blocks Below: Utilizing Precast Segmental Lining for Efficient Tunnel Construction
  • Cool Solutions: Ground Freezing and Advanced Ventilation Systems in Modern Tunnel Engineering

Future Directions in Urban Mobility: Navigating Megacity Challenges

  • The imperatives of decarbonisation and climate change are accelerating an urban mobility transformation towards less energy-intensive forms of mobility
  • This translates to projects requiring the development of an infrastructure well suited to electrification and the deployment of public transport and active travel
  • Digital transformation also results to much higher levels of demand volatility, but this can be harvested using transportation demand management techniques to improve network operations

David Carrignon, Associate Director of Transportation Planning, AECOM


High-Speed Rail: The Future of Inter-City Transportation

  • Innovations in High-Speed Rail Technology
  • Global Connectivity and Economic Impact
  • Implementation Challenges and Solutions

Licensing for Infrastructure for the Future of Transportation

  • The development of standardized licensing regulations for new transportation infrastructure projects to ensure uniformity and compliance across regions.
  • The importance of incorporating thorough environmental impact assessments in the licensing process

Closing remarks from the Chairperson


Networking Lunch Break and End of the Conference

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